Corn Chicken stuffed with spinach and goat cream cheese. 29. of March. 5 of 5 Stars 

Sunday BBQ Chicken.

The stuffing, spinach and goat cream cheese. Salt and red pepper

Ready, oiled and flavored.




After 60 minutes it looks perfect.

After a little rest.


Sliced in two half chicken.

It was a very delicious bbq chicken. Looks perfect and taste fantastic.


7 different sausages, 28. of March

Fresh sausages from a Butcher.


The Butcher tagget each sausage bag


From left to the right

 Lemon-Thyme, Bali, Salciccia, Alps, Thai-Chili, Terragon and Truffle.


Every kind is marked and ready to go on the grill


Left zone with fire (wood charcoal) and the right one without fire

Friday 6. of March 2015. A special bbq event at the Weber Grill Academy in Berlin.

It was a Christmas gift of my wife.

The kitchen area inside the Weber Store.

Kitchen area

The grill area inside the store for charcoal, gas and power units.

All member are prepare the four courses of the evening.


It will be garlic butter

US Sirloin


Time to start

Salmon on cedarwood

A peace of salmon with mushed potato and horseradish creame.

Smoked Burger

100 % Beef Burger

Great US Beef

Before grilling

After direct grilling

The desert

Baked pastry case with apple, icecream and egg white.

Some Impression of the Weber Store