Little lamb T-Bone Steak with potatoes, mashrooms and zucchini.

Tiny potatoes with Vergin olive oil, rosemary and German sea salt. Two kind of mashrooms. T-Bone steak with a special rub for lamb.
It was very tasty. 


Gigot of a lamb

Over night with a rub in the fridge.

Special stuffing with spinach, cream cheese and a lot of garlic.



The smoke came from the rosemary over the charcoal.



After 90 min. at 160 degrees



Looks and taste absolutely perfect.


Apple Crumble 

That’s our first apple crumble on charcoal. 



After 45min. at 160 degree


Taste like a original US apple crumble

Finally with vanilla ice cream and vanilla sauce.

It was a very, very delicious.