Roast Pork

Over night in a beer bath and today 2,5 hour indirect at 150 degree C.


Very juicy and absolutely crispy.

To trimmings, selfmade cole slow and an ready to eat sauerkraut. 

Four kind of mustard. Thats it.
3 hours later we had an selfmade german Butterkuchen. Ok, make in our kitchen oven but taste perfect.

   Yeast dough with almonds and a lot of butter


BBQ with a lot of meat. Spareribs, Entrecôte and Chicken.

Start with Baby Spareribs. Cook 90 minutes in malt beer than 2,5 at 150 degree  indirect and another hour with my own bbq sauce at 100 degree.


 Now Beef Stripes from my new Rotisserie.  


Than chicken on a  lemon grass skew and beef from entrecôte with bay leaf.


BBQ Dinner between two thunderstorms.  That was the third time bbq with rain showers with our best friends. It was very, very delicious. My opinion.