Delicious BBQ made us a really nice evening

First course

French black feather chicken stuffed with apple & prunes. 2 hours and 45 minutes indirect at 100 degree celcius.

Second course

Shrimps with shellfish and a lot of garlic. Sweet and spicy.

Third course

Great german entrecote steak from german “Neuland” organisation. Perfect medium rare Steak

NEULAND – Premium meat especially in accordance with animal welfare and environmentally friendly husbandry

Desert was a apple crumble.

Before preparation:


Electric Vacation BBQ

With my German Electric Grill from AEG. It’s possible to clean all parts in a dishwasher.

German Ribeye “The Uckermärker” with onions, mashrooms and backed beans.


Lamb Steak

Friday 29.10.2017